Why DMR?

Simple and Fast Operation  

Design creation is simply a drag and drop object, DMR does not require any programming
script. Everyone in the organization can use this technology easily with or without proper training.
DMR processing speeds is faster than any of document scanner (1,500 pages/minutes), the
speed of your process will be depend on your document scanner’s speed.

High Level of Accuracy

The Form Processing technology is highly depends on form quality, image quality and scanner settings. If the form design & scanned images has good quality, plus the scanner settings is right, DMR will give you 100% accuracy. Rotated & skewed image will not be a problem for DMR.

Less Expensive Operation Cost

Document scanner does not require special thick paper. Usual 80 or 100 gsm plain paper will be suitable for DMR forms. You may also use copying machine to produce DMR forms. (This will only be working for bubbles full shading options).

The Scanner Can be Utilized for Other Purposes 

While idle, user may utilize the document scanner for other purposes such as scanning document to PDF and other things depends on  the available scanners and software.


For the last 3 years, DMR has been used by more than 300 organizations to process examinations and questionnaires. DMR has been used to process 2 million pages of examinations forms in 10 working days.

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  1. faizal says:

    I think the web should explain the testimony of DMR too.

  2. Leong says:

    Can I evaluate your DMR software?

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