DMR was a research based software product of Graphical & Artificial Intelligence Lab, Informatics Engineering ITB in partnership with LPPM ITB since 2002-2003. It was then released by Codena – a company held by the researchers – in 2004. DMR software was awarded Indonesia APICTA in 2004 as The Best of Education & Training Application.
Since DMR was in the market, there are so many educational institutions using DMR who had time efficiency in the correction of mass examination forms. In a single PC, DMR can process forms up to 3200 images per minute. Even though it was designed to be used for schools, it was also commonly used by governmental institution and modern industry. In four years, there are about 750 licenses used by 500 institutions.
The latest large scale examination using DMR as the correction system is National Elementary School Final Test 2008 – also known UASBN 2008 – held by Ministry of Education with more than 12 millions of forms. Not only for examination, DMR is also used for psycho test, questionnaire evaluation and data entry.

Source: ITB Research, Output & Spin-off, 2009